Mekong Bible Translation Project of Northeast Thailand

                    RON and CHERYL MYERS
   Church-planting Missionaries to Thailand since 1973

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================== NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES ==================


================== 2022 NEWSLETTERS ==================

Myers Newsletter - God's Word for Isan - November 2022 (Part 2).pdf
"October-November Recap of My Thai Ministry"

Things Started Slow but Quickly Accelerated!

Ron & Cheryl Myers' November 2022 Ministry Newsletter
"Let The Peace of God Rule in Your Hearts"

And Be Ye Thankful - Happy Thanksgiving!

Ron & Cheryl Myers' October 2022 Ministry Newsletter
""Good News Thirty-Three" A Much Needed Outreach"

Reaching the 33,000 Isan Villages Still Without the Gospel

Ron & Cheryl Myers' September 2022 Ministry Newsletter
"The Need Truly Is Great, but Our God Is Even Greater"

Over 33,000 Villages in NE Thailand Are Still without the Gospel

Ron & Cheryl Myers' August 2022 Ministry Newsletter
"Thailand's Present Spiritual Condition"
"But the Greatest of These Is Love" 1 Cor 13:13

Ron & Cheryl Myers' July 2022 Ministry Newsletter Part II
"You Have Blessed Us – Now We Want to Bless You"
"The Best but Last Part of My Trip"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' July 2022 Ministry Newsletter
"God's Blessings Override All Else"
"Therefore, We Do Not Lose Heart"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' June 2022 Ministry Newsletter
"Returning To Northeast Thailand (Part V)"
"Happy Endings to a Tedious Problem"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' May 2022 Ministry Newsletter
"Returning To Northeast Thailand (Part IV)"
"How Big is God? - How Great is His Love?"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' April 2022 Ministry Newsletter
"Returning To Our Work in Northeast Thailand (Part III)"
"For a great and effectual door is still open, despite all hindrances"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' March 2022 Ministry Newsletter
"Returning To Our Work in Northeast Thailand (Part II)"
"For a great and effectual door has opened to me"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' February 2022 Ministry Newsletter
"Returning To Our Work in Northeast Thailand"
"I often planned to come to you, but was hindered until now"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' January 2022 Ministry Newsletter
"New Year's Resolutions vs. Primary Commitments"
"No Man Careth for My Soul," Thus Cry the Millions

================== 2021 NEWSLETTERS ==================

Ron & Cheryl Myers' December 2021 Christmas Newsletter
“Glory To God in The Highest”
"Peace On Earth; Good Will Toward Men"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' November 2021 Ministry Newsletter
"Reaching Lost Souls for Christ in Thailand"
Come Unto Me, All Ye Who Are Heavy Laden"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' October 2021 Ministry Newsletter
"Establishing Churches on the Mission Field"
Jesus Said, "I Will Build My Church"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' September 2021 Ministry Newsletter
"Thailand's Covid Situation Update"
"From Krajai's NKP Travel Center"
Owner: Krajai Ketwatanawes

Ron & Cheryl Myers' August 2021 Ministry Newsletter
"Follow Me and You Will Arrest People"
"Follow Me and You Will Seek People"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' July 2021 Ministry Newsletter
"More News from Northeast Thailand"
"My Co-worker's Health Is Slowly Improving"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' June 2021 Ministry Newsletter
"Current News from Thailand-Continued"
"My Return to Isan Is Being Hindered"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' May 2021 Ministry Newsletter
"Faith Comes by Hearing the Word of God"
"Great News From Thailand"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' Ministry Newsletter - Easter 2021
"An Empty Cross! An Empty Tomb!"
"Come See Where the Lord Lay"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' March 2021 Ministry Newsletter
"Rice in the Fields and the Fish in the Water:"
"Isn't Our Creator Wonderful"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' February 2021 Ministry Newsletter
"By Grace, You Are Saved, Through Faith;"
"An Urgent Plea for Prayer for My Friend Gui"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' January (New Year's Message) 2021 Ministry Newsletter
"When Does the New Year Actually Begin?"
"And, Which Year Is It?"

================== 2020 NEWSLETTERS ==================

Ron & Cheryl Myers' Christmas 2020 Ministry Newsletter
"In the Fullness of Time God Sent Forth His Son"
"His Name Is Jesus!"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' November 2020 Ministry Newsletter
"Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving and His Courts with Praise:"
"Be Thankful to Him and Bless His Holy Name!"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' October 2020 Ministry Newsletter
"Thailand Is in Upheaval; God Remains on His Throne!"
"When, Where and How Will It End? Pray!"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' September 2020 Ministry Newsletter
"Circumstances May Change, Yet God Remains The Same!"
"Do Not Fear - The Lord is Near - Rest In His Love"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' August 2020 Ministry Newsletter
"The Joy of The LORD Is Your Strength" (Nehemiah. 8:10
"Serve the Lord with gladness; Come before His presence with singing.(Ps 100:2)"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' July 2020 Ministry Newsletter
"Trust in the LORD with All Thine Heart"
"And Lean Not unto Thine Own Understanding" Proverbs 3:5"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' June 2020 Ministry Newsletter
"But My God Will Supply All Your Needs"
"According to His Riches in Glory by Christ Jesus (Phil 4:19)"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' May 2020 Ministry Newsletter
"Every New Day That Dawns in Thailand"
"Is Greeted by Centuries-Old Religious Traditions"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' Easter 2020 Newsletter
"The Tomb Is Empty - Jesus Christ Is Risen "
"Our Salvation Is Secured and We Have Peace with God"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' March 2020 Ministry Newsletter
"The Perfect Storm"
"Don't worry, this too shall pass"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' February 2020 Ministry Newsletter
"Cheer Up, Our Team Wins!"
"I Know Because I Read the Book"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' January (New Year's Messsage) 2020 Ministry Newsletter
"When is New Year's Day, Anyway?"
"Out with the Old - In with the New"

================== 2019 NEWSLETTERS ==================

Ron & Cheryl Myers' December 28 2019 Ministry Newsletter
"Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow"
"Good News: Prayer Has Changed Things!"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' Christmas 2019 Newsletter
"In the Fullness of Time, God Sent Forth His Son"
"And Ye Shall Call His Name Immanuel, Meaning 'God with Us'"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' December 2019 Ministry Newsletter
"Energized Believers Equal Actively Growing Churches"
"New Life in Christ Isn't Just a Buzz Word"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' November 2019 Ministry Newsletter
"Reflecting and Saying 'Thank You' To Our Senders"
"How Shall They Hear Without A Preacher?"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' October 2019 Ministry Newsletter
"Baaw Ter's Faith Remains Strong, Despite..."
"I Have God Now - I'm At Peace"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' September 2019 Ministry Newsletter
"My Thai-Isan Coworker's Wife, Joo"
"A Talented and Attractive Lady, But Spiritually Very Lost"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' August 2019 Ministry Newsletter
"My Thai-Isan Coworker, Baaw Ter (Part V)"
"Trials and Tribulations Abound, Yet He Remains Strong"

Urgent Update - Ron & Cheryl Myers' July 2019 Ministry Newsletter (2)
"My Thai-Isan Coworker, Baaw Ter (Part IV)"
"Baaw Ter's Trip to Bangkok's Appeals Court"
Your Prayers Are Double-Urgently Needed

Ron & Cheryl Myers' July 2019 Ministry Newsletter
"My Thai-Isan Coworker, Baaw Ter (Part III)"
"Your Prayers Are Urgently Needed"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' June 2019 Ministry Newsletter
"My Thai-Isan Coworker, Baaw Ter (Part II)"
"His Wife Joo's Interactions & Uncertainties"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' May 2019 Ministry Newsletter
"A Letter from My Thai-Isan Coworker"
"Baaw Ter Shares His Heart with Us!"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' Easter 2019 Greetings
"Happy Resurrection Sunday"
"He Is Not Here; For He Is Risen"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' April 2019 Ministry Newsletter
"Are You Ready for The Good News?"
"My Isan Co-worker, Baaw Ter, Has Been Released!"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' March 2019 Ministry Newsletter
"The Fervent Prayer of a Righteous Man Availeth Much!"
""And If We Know That He Hears Us, Whatsoever We Ask" (1 John 5:15, James 5:16)

Ron & Cheryl Myers' February 2019 Ministry Newsletter
"The Word Gospel Simply Means Good News!"
"God's Word for Isan" Means the Gospel Is for The Isan People as Well

Ron & Cheryl Myers' January 2019 New Years Newsletter
"The Entrance of Thy Words Giveth Light"
"It Is A Lamp unto My Feet and A Light unto My Path"

================== 2018 NEWSLETTERS ==================

Ron & Cheryl Myers' December 2018 Thailand Christmas Newsletter
"When the Fullness of Time Was Come"
"God Sent Forth His Son"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' November 2018 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"Giving Thanks for Their New-Found Savior"
"Signs of Faith in a Non-Judeo-Christian Society"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' October 2018 Thailand Ministry Newsletter (Part 2)
"Amidst Trials and Testings, We See Victories"
"We Are More Than Conquerors Through Him That Loved Us"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' October 2018 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"The Spiritual Battle Intensifies"
"Yet, We Are More Than Conquerors, in Christ"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' September 2018 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"Good News from Rain-Soaked Isan"
"God's Work Is Receiving Showers of Blessing"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' August 2018 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"Monsoon Floods Hit NE Thailand and Laos"
"Heavy Rains Continue, Impeding Bible Recording Progress"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' July 2018 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"A Peek into the Thai Religious Worldview"
"The Life of One Exchanged for the Lives of the Many"

Ron & Cheryl Myers' June 2018 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"Highlights of My Recent Trip to Thailand"
"I Being in The Way, the LORD Led Me..." (Genesis 24:27)

Ron & Cheryl Myers' mid-May 2018 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"Addendum to Great Opportunities..."
"I Being in The Way, the LORD Led Me..." (Genesis 24:27)

Ron & Cheryl Myers' May 2018 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"Great Opportunities Present Many Challenges"
"A Great Door and Effectual Is Opened And There Are Many Adversaries." (1 Cor 16:9)

Ron & Cheryl Myers' Easter Newsletter - April 2018
"Happy Resurrection Celebration Sunday!"
Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!

Ron & Cheryl Myers' March 2018 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"Shoot Me If You Must, But First..."

Ron & Cheryl Myers' February 2018 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"God Loosed the Chains from Around Their Chests"
"He Brought Them out of Darkness and the Shadow of Death" (Psalm 107:14a)

Ron & Cheryl Myers' January 2018 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"The Work Is Progressing Beyond All Expectations"
"Great Doors of Opportunity Are Opening"

================== 2017 NEWSLETTERS ==================

The Myers' December 2017 Christmas Newsletter
"For Unto Us A Child Is Born"
"Unto Us a Son Is Given (Isaiah 9:6)"

The Myers' November 2017 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"Every Word of God Is Pure… "
"He Is a Shield unto Them That Put Their Trust in Him" (Psalms 119:130)

The Myers' October-November 2017 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"Whether Reading or Listening to God's Word..."
"The Entrance of Thy Word Giveth Light" (Psalms 119:130)

The Myers' September 2017 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"God Opens New Doors Of Opportunity"
"These are exciting times!"

The Myers' August 2017 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"If God Be for Us, Who Can Stand Against Us? (Rom 8:31)"
"There's Still Much to Be Done; Continued"

The Myers' July 2017 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"Untold Millions Are Still Untold!"
"There's Still Much to Be Done"

The Myers' June 2017 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best"
"How Does That Apply To Spiritual Warfare Behind Enemy Lines"

The Myers' May 2017 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"Eternity In Their Hearts"
"He hath made every thing beautiful in His time:
also He hath set [eternity] in their hearts"

The Myers' April 2017 Thailand Ministry Newsletter, Part II
"Is He Risen? Is He Risen Indeed?"
Risen? Really? What Do The Scriptures Say?

The Myers' April 2017 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"He Is Risen; Yes, He Is Risen Indeed!"
Easter? Or, Resurrection Celebration Sunday?

The Myers' March 2017 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"What Is At The Core Of The Gospel Message?"
How and Why Is It Undergoing Attack?

The Myers' February 2017 Thailand Ministry Newsletter
"Count Your Many Blessings, Name Them One by One"
New Year, More Fruit, More Blessings

The Myers' January 2017 New Years Wishes Newsletter
"New Years Wishes For 2017"
What Year Is It Again?

================== 2016 NEWSLETTERS ==================

The Myers' December 2016 Christmas Newsletter
"Christmas Greetings, 2016"
Some Christmastime Thoughts

The Myers' November 2016 Ministry Newsletter
"In All Things, Be Thankful!"
Give thanks unto the LORD, and sing praises unto thy Name

The Myers' October 2016 Ministry Newsletter
"Great Things Are Still Happening"
Amazing things have been occurring!

The Myers' September 2016 Ministry Newsletter
"The Long Wait Is Now Over; Part III"
Evidences of the Isan New Testament in Action!

The Myers' June-July-Aug 2016 Ministry Newsletter
"The Long Wait Is Now Over; Part II"
The Isan New Testament Is Printed and Being Distributed!
Isan New Testament Presentation Photos with Captions

The Myers' May 2016 Ministry Newsletter
"The Long Wait Is Now Over; Part I"
The Isan New Testament Has Been Printed

The Myers' April 2016 Ministry Newsletter
"In What or Whom Do You Place Your Trust?"
Misplaced Faith Series - Part Four (Brahmanism)

The Myers' March 2016 Ministry Newsletter
"In What or Whom Do You Place Your Trust?"
Misplaced Faith Series - Part Three (Buddhismism)

The Myers' February 2016 Ministry Newsletter
"In What or Whom Do You Place Your Trust?"
Misplaced Faith Series - Part Two (Animism)

The Myers' January 2016 Ministry Newsletter
"In What or Whom Do You Place Your Trust?"
Misplaced Faith Series - Part One (Playing the Lottery)

================== 2015 NEWSLETTERS ==================

The Myers' December 2015 Christmas Newsletter
"The Myers Christmas Newsletter"
Learning Patient Endurance and Godly Wisdom

The Myers' October 2015 Ministry Newsletter
"Sensing The Heart Of God"
(A moment of sensing God's own Heart and His passion for lost souls)

The Myers' September 2015 Ministry Newsletter
"Preparing To Publish the Isan New Testament"
(Nearing the Conclusion of a Long Journey)

The Myers' August 2015 Ministry Newsletter
"Mr. Ahm-Kah, The Healing Doctor"
(Weddings, Broken Bones, and the Day an Esteemed Healer Turned from Darkness to Light!)

The Myers' July 2015 Ministry Newsletter
"A Noted Spiritual Leader Has Moved On"
(The Story of an Old Sage Who Felt It Necessary to Change Locations)

The Myers' June 2015 Ministry Newsletter
"A Living Spiritual Heritage"
(Establishing Fishers of Men to Advance God's Work in Thailand)

The Myers' May 2015 Ministry Newsletter
"Redemptive Analogies, or Eternity In Their Hearts"
(Hidden Ministry Gemstones Unearthed From Within Non Judeo-Christian Societies)

The Myers' April 2015 Ministry Newsletter
"Thailand: Land of the Free, In Christ, for All Who Will Receive Him"

The Myers' March 2015 Ministry Newsletter
"Thailand: Land of Freedom, Progress, Smiles, Beauty, Religion, and Deep Spiritual Darkness"

The Myers' February 2015 Ministry Newsletter
"Thai Buddhism – Part III (Syncretistic and Animistic Beliefs and Practices Explained)"

The Myers' January 2015 Ministry Newsletter
"Thai Buddhism – Part II (Buddhist Principles, Practices and Thought)"

================== 2014 NEWSLETTERS ==================

The Myers' Christmas 2014, Ministry Newsletter
"In The Fullness Of Time"

The Myers' Oct-Nov, 2014, Ministry Newsletter
"Thai Buddhism – Part I (How Big and Powerful Is Your God?)"

The Myers' September, 2014, Ministry Newsletter
"Starbucks by Any Other Name…"

The Myers' July-August, 2014, Ministry Newsletter
"Exhausting yet Encouraging, even Exciting"

The Myers' June, 2014, Ministry Newsletter
"Headed Down the Home Stretch"

The Myers' May, 2014, Ministry Newsletter
"Our Infallibly-Powerful God"

The Myers' March-April, 2014, Ministry Newsletter
"Empty Cross! - Empty Tomb! - The LIVING ONE is not here"

The Myers' January-Feburary, 2014, Ministry Newsletter
"Reviewing the Past While Looking Forward - A Ministry Panoramic"

================== 2013 NEWSLETTERS ==================

The Myers' December 24, 2013, Ministry Newsletter
"Christmas & New Year's Wishes for 2013"

The Myers' December 16, 2013, Ministry Newsletter
"Political Unrest and Instability… Amidst a Miracle"

The Myers' November, 2013, Ministry Newsletter
"Thailand, Land of Enchantment"

The Myers' October 23, 2013, Ministry Newsletter
"God's Amazing, All-powerful Gospel"

The Myers' October 11, 2013, Ministry Newsletter
"Urgent Plea For Prayer For Pawn and Pastor Boonta (Continued)"

The Myers' September 25, 2013, Ministry Newsletter
"Urgent Plea For Prayer For Pawn and Pastor Boonta"

The Myers' September 2013, Ministry Newsletter
"How Excited Are We about Sowing the Good Seed of God's Word?"

The Myers' August 2013, Ministry Newsletter
"The Daystar Who arises in your hearts"

The Myers' July 2013, Ministry Newsletter
"Are you satisfied in serving the Lord Jesus Christ?"

The Myers' June 2013, Ministry Newsletter
"Thoughts on Truth and Light, Life and Hope"

The Myers' mid-May Update 2013, Ministry Newsletter
"A mid-May ministry update from Nakon Panom, Northeast Thailand"

The Myers' May 2013, Ministry Newsletter
"My most recent trip to Thailand is starting out to be very successful"

The Myers' April 2013, Ministry Newsletter
A Synopsis of Ron & Cheryl Myers' Ministry and Future Goals:

The Myers' March 2013, Ministry Newsletter
"Learning to Become Fishers of Men"

The Myers' February 2013, Ministry Newsletter
"Communicating Jesus Christ to the Unreached Millions"

The Myers' January 2013, Ministry Newsletter
"The Final Step in Completing the Isan New Testament"

================== 2012 NEWSLETTERS ==================

The Myers' Christmas, 2012, Newsletter (with photo appendix)
"Celebrating the Coming of the King of Kings!!"

The Myers' mid-December, 2012, Newsletter
"A Huge Milestone Is Reached"

The Myers' December, 2012, Followup Newsletter
“Events In Toad's Life Over The Days Following Our Most-Recent Newslette”

The Myers' December, 2012, Newsletter
“A Wonderful Opportunity - Please Pray With Us for This Young Couple!!”

The Myers' Mid-November, 2012, Newsletter
“Fields Ripe Unto Harvest Everywhere, But Not a Work Crew in Sight!”

The Myers' November, 2012, Newsletter
“Some Significant Points to Ponder”

The Myers' October, 2012, Newsletter
“Mr. Kiam; My Language Tutor, My Friend, and My Burden”

The Myers' September, 2012, Newsletter
“From the Isan region, to all Thailand, to Asia, to Europe, to Worldwide!”

The Myers' August 2012, Newsletter
"External Differences vs. Core Similarities of Divergent People Groups;"
(Preaching the Gospel Amidst Witch Doctors, Water Buffaloes and Strange Worldviews)
READER COMMENT:"Now that is an informed News letter! Wish that
all pastors would take the time to carefully read it. God bless you brother."

The Myers' July 14, 2012, Newsletter (From Thailand)
“Dwelling in the Center of a Satanic Hotbed”

The Myers' July 4, 2012, Newsletter (From Thailand)
“My Personal July 4th – Why the Celebration?”

The Myers' mid-June, 2012, Newsletter (From Thailand)
“Good News--a Ministry Recap--and Some Very Sad News”

The Myers' May-June, 2012, Newsletter (From Thailand)
“Nose to the Grindstone, Shoulder to the Wheel”

The Myers' April, 2012, Newsletter
"We Worship and Serve the Living Savior"

The Myers' Feb-March, 2012, Newsletter
"Some Humor, and Some Serious Thoughts"

================== 2011 NEWSLETTERS ==================

The Myers' December, 2011, Newsletter
"Reviewing 2011 Ministry Highlights"

The Myers' November, 2011, Newsletter (From Thailand)
"Working Hard In Thailand"

The Myers' October, 2011, Newsletter
"Thirty, Sixty, Hundredfold"

The Myers' June 30, 2011, Newsletter (From Thailand)
"Things Blessed, Profitable, and Successful"

The Myers' June 15, 2011, Newsletter (From Thailand)
"Publishing The Word of God To All Peoples"

The Myers' Jan-Feb, 2011, Newsletter
"Many Things Have Occurred Lately"

================== 2010 NEWSLETTERS ==================
================== 2009 NEWSLETTERS ==================
================== 2008 NEWSLETTERS ==================
================== 2007 NEWSLETTERS ==================

The Myers' May, 2007 Newsletter
"Sad But True Story of a Young Mother and Her Little Girl"

================== 2006 NEWSLETTERS ==================
================== 2005 NEWSLETTERS ==================
================== 2004 NEWSLETTERS ==================

The Myers' December, 2004, Newsletter
"My Friend Uncle Supee Passes Away"

================== 2003 NEWSLETTERS ==================
================== 2002 NEWSLETTERS ==================
================== 2001 NEWSLETTERS ==================
================== 2000 NEWSLETTERS ==================
================== 1999 NEWSLETTERS ==================
================== 1998 NEWSLETTERS ==================
================== 1997 NEWSLETTERS ==================
================== 1996 NEWSLETTERS ==================

The Myers' Summer 1996 Newsletter
"Update on the Translation (with Photos), and on Our Family"


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